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Welcome SDRC Parents!

Thank you for your interest in the San Diego Rowing Club’s Junior Crew. The SDRC Parents’ Committee is eager to help you become acquainted with the sport and rowing community and look forward to your involvement. Get ready for a tremendous year of rowing, camaraderie and fun for your kids.

Orientation and meetings
Early in September, our Parents' Committee partners with SDRC Staff in hosting a mandatory parents kick-off meeting to orient parents and give everyone an opportunity to get fully informed and more involved in the program. You will be able to ask questions, make comments, meet each other and start providing your support to create a better environment for our youth.
Additional parent meetings will be held during the year to review progress and provide updates on all events and outcomes.

A final meeting at the end of the spring session will be our annual awards and banquet which is a special occasion to recognize the contributions of all the staff, parents and athletes.

Volunteer your time to SDRC Juniors!

The Junior program relies on parent support, especially at regattas. Each family is asked to contribute in a way that makes sense for them each season. Parents can help organize events, recruit athletes, assist with fundraising, support coaches, help with regatta logistics and much more. Parents benefit from volunteering by getting to know each other, staying connected with their kids, and learning about this great sport!

Opportunities to volunteer will occur at every parents’ night meeting. The success of our Junior program relies on the cooperation and coordination of the coaches, members, athletes, and parents.  Parents are instrumental in helping to create a positive and rewarding experience for our rowers. 


Boathouse: 1220 El Carmel Place, San Diego, CA 92109 | Mailing address: SDRC Juniors, PO Box 99856, San Diego, CA 92169 | Boathouse Telephone: (858) 488-1893
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