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About Us

San Diego Rowing Club Juniors program is the leading rowing program for High School and Middle School boys and girls from across San Diego County. Our mission is support and encourage rowing for youth in San Diego by providing young men and women the facilities, equipment and coaching necessary to give them the opportunity to learn the sport of rowing in a safe and fun environment. We want SDRC Junior athletes to be able to train, race and win at the highest levels in a supportive and competitive learning environment where they can develop their leadership and teamwork with commitment, dedication and respect.

The goals for the SDRC Juniors program are to:
• Provide excellent coaching and training in the fundamentals and techniques of rowing;
• Develop a sense of shared purpose and teamwork;
• Offer a competitive program that will put members of the SDRC Juniors in good standing to compete in a collegiate rowing program; and
• Supply challenging and appropriate physical training to achieve maximum development of every athlete to meet individual, team and overall program goals while learning an activity they can continue for a lifetime.

Boathouse: 1220 El Carmel Place, San Diego, CA 92109 | Mailing address: SDRC Juniors, PO Box 99856, San Diego, CA 92169 | Boathouse Telephone: (858) 488-1893
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